For Institution


Eduvision has designed an exclusive Career Planning Workshop for the students of schools, colleges and universities who are unclear about which career path they should choose to make a successful living.

  • Assessment
  • One to one session
  • Career Planning Report


Parents and teachers in the form of Career Planning Seminar. Career Planning Seminar (CPS) is designed to address career planning needs, practices and utilities for the students and their parents.

  • Career Planning- Why and How
  • Educational and Career Options
  • Question & Answer Session


Eduvision brings a well-planned, thoughtful mentoring program to encourage educators to connect with others and students on a personal level and build strong, trusting relationships that motivate and guide toward future goals.

  • Introduction to Mentoring
  • Building and managing the mentoring relationship
  • Mentoring styles and skills


Career counselling training is full day activity involving applications of career counseling techniques in order to provide professionals with the basic knowledge of career counselling to ensure appropriate guidance for the Student.

  • Job hunting science
  • Assessment of students aptitude
  • Counselling tools, techniques and ethics


Students often get back to their teachers for assistance in career decision making. Thus the teachers should be well equipped with the basic knowledge of career counseling in order to ensure appropriate guidance for the student.

  • Opportunities available as per students demands
  • Tackling critical Issues
  • How to assess student’s aptitude


 A career infograph is a beautifully designed poster covering all the careers available in a field of education. These careers are divided into three categories depending upon their ranking and educational requirements.

  • One wall at each institution will be designated as Career Wall
  • 13 Career Infographs posted on it
  • Wall will be an ultimate source of guidance for the students of the institution


The establishing of a counseling Cell within institutes is an answer to the majority of career crisis that students face in their life. Eduvision’s vision is to make this possible in every institute in Pakistan.

  • Provided complete training of career counseling by Eduvision team
  • Two teachers from a school will be selected
  • The teachers will then serve as career counselors


Screening is an efficient procedure used to identify potential for the future. Our potential screening program provides an objective and systematic way for identifying gifted children and helps you cater to their specific needs that are necessary for them to flourish

  • Learn how to maintain your composure
  • Manage your thoughts and handle your emotions
  • Carry yourself like a pro


Eduvision has developed different programs to cater to the specific needs of students in different departments. Students will be guided on how to approach the market once graduated and basic interview requirements. Some departments that can avail these services are

  • Computer Science/IT
  • Natural Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • EFCA
  • MBA


It can often be difficult even for experienced expert teachers to nail every student’s
learning and management of class. Here we can have a look at some of the top challenges faced by teachers in the present education scenario and how to deal with them.

  • Learn how to maintain your composure
  • Manage your thoughts and handle your emotions
  • Carry yourself like a pro


 For the ease of professionals and institutions, eduvision has designed programs on different days and activities that can be used by institutions as it is to promote education, growth and development of our students into responsible, self-aware and enlightened adults.

  • Counselor Kit
  • Counselor Handbook
  • National Days
  • Career Day