Teacher Training

Students often get back to their teachers for assistance in career decision-making. Thus the teachers should be well equipped with the basic knowledge of career counseling in order to ensure appropriate guidance for the student for it is a decision that has lifelong impacts.


  • To provide career guidance to the students at their doorstep
  • To train and equip teachers with the knowledge and practices of career counseling
  • Enable teachers to understand the psychology of the students
  • Enable teachers to change students’ behaviors
  • Enable teachers to counsel students and solve their familial, social, and career-related issues

Modules of training

Two days-long workshop will be conducted which will be divided into several modules. The modules will cover the following subjects:

  • Introduction to counseling
  • Status and requirement of higher education in Pakistan
  • Personality and behavior patterns
  • Counseling as a tool for character building
  • Tackling critical Issues
  • How to assess student’s aptitude
  • A critical analysis of career counseling theories
  • Opportunities available as per students’ demands


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