My Campus Life at GIKI, Swabi

My Campus Life

University life is the most challenging and memorable time of any person’s life and its very different than that of school and college life .In School and college learning is limited and in a protected environment where most of the learning is just from textbooks whereas in University life exposes us to a new environment where we have to learn new things ourselves and face many challenges.

Campus life at Giki is very unique and different as compare to many other universities campus lives. One most important thing that makes it different is that Giki is a residential campus, every student is in the same boat. Everyone lives inside the campus in hostels nobody is allowed to go back to their homes except on weekends. Giki is located in the middle of a Topi, Swabi village which is why the place is very calm and soothing.

Many students assume that life in university will be heaven because one gets to live without parents without restrictions from elders but in reality it’s very challenging. Living with an unknown roommate is very hard because of different behavior and interest of the other person. You need to adjust as well as make some compromises. Managing all your tasks and activities on your own is also a challenge when you move away from home

Campus Life in Giki is very interesting too because of societies. There are around 30 societies which have different names, goals and aims and also arrange amazing events. I just joined one society which is “LES.” In order to get into the society there was a formal interview session that was taken in a formal environment by seniors. They asked different questions related to my personal interests and gave some scenarios. After a 20 minute interview they let me leave. After 3 days members list was posted and I got selected in the society. Society President gave us a formal welcome party in Faculty club which is located up in the hills.

As mentioned before societies arrange different events. I attended 2 Qawali nights in the first 2 months, one was arranged by Sophep society which is a very organised and famous society of Giki. The Qawals were from coke studio and it was one of the memorable and enjoyable night. The other “Qawali Night” was arranged by our society LES it was also enjoyable but ended with few unexpected events. I also attended a concert that was arranged by Imeche society.

There is also an incubation center inside the campus called “The Catalyst”. It’s the only residential incubation center in Pakistan. For its inauguration ceremony, Provincial minister of science technology Atif khan was called. He addressed a speech and promised to give Giki students a lot of opportunities by giving funds to university.

Campus life at Giki is nor easy nor hard its combination of both.