Molecular Biology


It is the branch of biology concerned with the molecular foundation of biological activity in and between cells, such as molecular production, modification, processes, and interactions. DNA is transcribed into RNA, which is subsequently translated into protein, according to molecular biology’s fundamental dogma. The study of the particles that make up cells, or molecules, including DNA, is known as molecular biology. Molecular biologists are also interested in how viruses affect cells. These scientists work for government organisations or private firms, doing research. It is the study of the molecular foundation of living forms, with a focus on individual cell activity. Molecular biologist knows how a cell stores, transmits, and expresses its genetic information in the form of protein molecules. He is knowledgeable in the many methods of genetic expression that occur throughout embryonic development, cell differentiation, and ageing. The study and advancement of genetics is central to much of this field’s research.

The application of molecular biology or molecular cell biology in medicine is now referred to as molecular medicine, whereas some clinical studies and medical interventions emerging from molecular biology are included under gene therapy. Understanding the forms, activities, and controls of diverse sections of cells is also essential in molecular biology, which may be utilised to more effectively target new drugs, diagnose disease, and understand the physiology of the cell.

Nature of work

  • Using sophisticated laboratory equipment such as cloning kits, DNA synthesisers, electron guns, and temperature cyclers
  • Using deductive reasoning and critical thinking in their jobs on a regular basis
  • Come up with innovative ways to identify and cure illnesses.
  • Serve as a scientific advisor or representative for business, government, or education  
  • Detect and identify environmental contaminants
  • Continue to test new crops or other goods by looking at genetic differences and gene expression in different animals to see how things are handed down from generation to generation.
  • Extract DNA and RNA from cells and tissues
  •  Test the efficacy of medicines used to treat various illnesses and gene growth.
  • Examine the sequence of DNA to look for differences that may mean a likeliness to have a disease or cause to be resistant to the disease
  • Supervise and direct the work of laboratory technicians
  • Report findings through writing or presentations
  • Compiles data on research conducted
  • Grow bacteria in order to determine product effectiveness
  • Design and execute experiments
  • Translate research into technologies that consumers can use or benefit from

Scope of molecular biology

There is a significant amount of research being done in the fields of molecular medicine and gene therapy. This is due to the fact that molecular biology is becoming increasingly popular among students, both male and female. This programme will also be beneficial in the sector of agriculture. Molecular biologists are often employed in laboratories and institutions. They seldom work for private businesses, but they may be engaged for project-based employment. Government entities that develop plans and laws involving biological processes also hire molecular biologists.

How to become a molecular biologist

If you want to take admission in this program then it is important that you should undergo intermediate in the science stream. You can get molecular biology studies as in both bachelors and masters level programs.

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms are among the employers of molecular biologists. Salespeople who work for a firm may be required to travel frequently and have good communication skills. Professorships in molecular biology are also a possibility for molecular biologists. Molecular biologists with a Ph.D. in the subject are frequently necessary to teach or conduct research. In most cases, they must also have a research background.

Best Universities

  • University of Punjab
  • University of Health Sciences
  • Shaheed Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto Medical University, Pims
  • University of Sialkot

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Job opportunities

  • Healthcare scientist
  • Research specialist
  • Molecular biologist
  • Cellular biologist
  • Agricultural feedstock and chemical fields
  • Job in drugs and pharmacy departments
  • Plant breeder/ geneticist
  • Laboratory technician
  • University and educational departments

 Skills and qualities required

  • Interest in subjects like biology and chemistry
  • Interest in research and innovation
  • Analytical mind
  • Critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Technical skills for the operation of various equipments  
  • Ability to use analytical and scientific software and graphical imaging software


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