Important Places That You Must Know About

Do you know from where you could get help if an emergency arises?

Or how to navigate to the nearest safe spot?

Are you aware of the places in your neighbourhood?

There are important places near home and in our neighbourhood that you must know about, places that we don’t always deem necessary for us to visit or know about.

 Transport stop

You should be aware of how things operate within our public system. Even if you don’t have to use a bus, train, or airplane alone does not mean that you should not know how these systems work. Basic knowledge of important locations in and around your house makes you less vulnerable and also reduces ignorance.

 The Market

You should know the nearest stores as well as the route to reach it.  A grocery shop to  get food items and things of daily use, a pharmacy to get medicines, a stationery shop to get notebooks , pens , pencils , erasers , etc. It is easy to learn by going along with and elder to run basic errands. The idea behind doing odd jobs is to learn the place from where food can be bought. Independence comes with basic knowledge.

Police station

The police are for our safety. Knowledge about the nearest police station gives us the satisfaction that our family are protected by a government security system as well as where to go in situations of emergency


Each of us, as human beings, will ultimately end up needing a job in the future to survive in life. When you learn how to use a bank earlier on in life, you are more apt to know how to designated money properly and use your bank account to document your savings and spending habits

Post Office and courier

Although there are many new methods of communication nowadays, the post office is still very important. Post offices deliver essential services to communities, including universal access to mail and parcels, but also access to benefits, bill payment and banking services.  Everyone should know the basics of going to a post office and posting a document or letter


Every child and adult should know how to locate the nearest hospital in cases of emergency or when feeling ill. Along with knowing the where the hospital is, you should also know what to do when you get there and how to see the relevant doctor related to your issue.

Photocopy shop

The location to the nearest photocopy or printing shop should also be in your knowledge to get your documents, homework and assignments printed whenever you need to


Mosques are the heart and soul of Islamic life. They are used for prayers, events during Islam’s holiest month of Ramadan, educational and informational centres, social welfare centres, and also for dispute resolution. Visiting a mosque should also be in the routine of all muslims.


Parks provide a place for children and families to connect with nature and recreate outdoors activities. It is necessary to know and visit a park in your locality on regular basis to keep your health in check and relax in the natural environment