CSS Exam is one of the most popular  and important exams in Pakistan. Many Aspirants have lots questions about the preparation of CSS. In order to answer the question, “How to start CSS preparation”, following are some tips that you may find useful for the preparation of CSS exams:

  1. Selecting  Optional Subject

Students have option to select subject of their own choice and interest. It’s mandatory for each applicant to select six subjects. Selecting the right subjects for yourself is very much important to your success in exam. Read all the available subject and their syllabi before selecting them. Better select those subjects which interest you more or which have already been studies as a subject in your previous classes

  • Collect the Books and Material

You should study relevant books. For every subject, you will find a list of required and recommended books. Select  two or three relevant books that cover the whole syllabus. You should not consult all the books. You can consult relevant topics from other books. Attempting to read all would just be a waste of your time as well as exhaust your mind.

  • Go through with Past Papers of Last 5 Years

Past papers are extremely important. They help a lot with the improvement of time, guidance about CSS Exam paper pattern and marks allocated of each subject. The applicant should analyze previous papers about their selected subject.

  • Make your OWN notes for CSS

Take one register for each subject and start making your OWN notes. You can get notes from here and there, but that would lead to cramming. If you jot down the points in your notes by yourself, it would be easier for you to remember and recall the points at the end.

  • Set a routine and achieve your daily targets

An important thing to do is to make targets to achieve every day. Select some subject to cover daily, give yourself target that you would cover one or two topics of that subject. And DO NOT get up if you haven’t met your target. After achieving your daily target, give yourself a treat for your accomplishment.

  • Improve your English

Everyone who knows about the CSS exam, suggests us to improve English. Even if your English is good, you will need to polish it. The written skills are most important. English grammar and language is a vast field, learn it as much as you can.

  • Write for at least 3 Hours: Most candidate utilizes their time on the general knowledge base questions and ignore the sections of written practice. Perfecting your writing skills will help you in all subjects whether it is English Essay or some other optional subject. If you know how to structure or present your answer, you are good to score decent marks. Finding the right ways to express their ideas and creativity is highly important.
  • Extract Vocabulary from Newspaper on Daily Basis: Vocabulary is most important aspect of essay writing. Students are advised to extract English vocabulary from Dawn or Express Tribune, both are known best to build a strong English structure. English unique word enhances the quality of sentence. So note down new word, look up their meaning and write a sentence with that word.
  • Reading English Newspaper: Reading, writing and listening and speaking are four majors parts of fluent English. For CSS applicants, this is the most important to mark leading success in exams. Reading the news paper will not only improve your English, but will improve your knowledge in current affairs and general knowledge. Notable newspaper for best English understanding are Dawn and Express Tribune.
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle energizes you a lot for absorbing the information and learning . A 30 minutes’ walk, or some kind of exercise is a must to maintain good health. A sound body holds a sound mind. Eat clean to avoid sickness and do some exercise daily. Take a 7-8 hour sleep so you can stay fresh and alert throughout the day.