Computer Engineering


Computer Engineering is a branch of Electrical Engineering concerned with designing and development of computers and computer based system. Computer engineering is a growing field of study. It focuses on the design, execution, verification, and analysis of both hardware and software-based computing systems. Because Computer Science and Electrical Engineering programmes are partly overlapped in this program a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering is offered to having a curriculum that is designed to include all aspects of the computing industry, as well as specialised graduate studies, such as computer architecture, microprocessors, system-on-chip, embedded devices, signal processing techniques, computer networks, and related hardware and software design. Computer Engineers build and design different types of computers such as PCs, minicomputers, Mainframes and Super Computers. They also design hardware of the computer such as Processors, memories, monitors, motherboards etc…

What do computer engineers do?

  • Design and build computers and computer systems
  • Research and find ways to improve the performance of processors, memory devices and other computing circuits
  • Build computer systems installed in automatic devices such as cars, communication networks, air planes, and many other products.
  • Also work on the software of computer based systems. 

Scope of Computer Engineering in Pakistan

As the computer manufacturing industry is still in its emerging phase in Pakistan, scope of computer engineers in Pakistan is not very good for their specific field. However, computer engineers find good opportunities in software industry, telecom industry and other manufacturing industries for the development of automated systems. Due to non-existence of computer hardware manufacturing industry, many computer engineers move to software industry.

How to become Computer Engineer

There are two routes to become a certified computer engineer

  • Complete a BS Engg degree in Computer Engineering/ Systems Engineering/ Hardware Engineering
  • Complete a BS Electrical Engineering degree with specialization in Computer engineering, electronics, or system engineering

If you are determined to follow this path as a career option, it could be beneficial for you to start with it from the very beginning stage of education by taking computer sciences as a subject in matric and intermediate. After that you can go for bachelors and masters degree

Best universities

  • FAST NUCES University
  • COMSATS University
  •  University of Engineering and technology
  • GIKI institute of engineering sciences and technology
  • Mehran University of Engineering and Technology

For details on institutes offering Computer Engineering as a program, visit

Job opportunities

A computer engineer can get a job in various fields such as:

  • Web development
  • Robotics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Software houses
  • Websites
  • Government IT departments
  • Research institutes
  • Hardware industry
  • Networking  companies
  • Telecom industry
  • Bio medical science
  • University and colleges

Qualities required

  • Good command on mathematics and physics
  • Problems solving ability
  • Good concentration and communication skills
  • Analytical  and leadership  skills
  • Strong decision power
  • Love for latest technology
  • Interest to learn and develop new things


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