Career Planning Seminar

Career Planning Seminar

It is a major need of students and parents to get thorough guidance on issues like the selection of a career, requirements, nature of the work, personality development, selection of a university, admission strategy, changing market trends, and hundreds of related issues. Eduvision, after realizing this, introduced a complete guidance package for the students, parents, and teachers in the form of a Career Planning Seminar. Career Planning Seminar (CPS) is designed to address career planning needs, practices, and utilities for the students and their parents.

Career Planning Seminar Objective

The seminar goal is to encourage and motivate students to begin:

  • Thinking about their future after graduation.
  • Gaining a sense of what career direction they should be heading.
  • Developing confidence to make wise career choices for the specialization.

Career Planning Seminar Modules

  • Career Planning- Why and How
  • Educational and Career Options 
  • Question & Answer Session

Benefits of the Seminar

  • Membership
  • Training of Career Counselors
  • Professional assistance and guidance to passing out students
  • Opens students to who they are and what's possible
  • Concept clarity about ‘career choice’ and its relevance in practical life

Features of the Seminar

  • Duration: 2-3 hours
  • Venue: host institution
  • 60-200 participants ideally consisting of students, teachers and parents


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