The study of fundamental belief systems, including the disciplines of science, mathematics, logic, religion, ethics, aesthetics, and ideology. The Philosopher is an expert on philosophical reasoning and proper philosophical questions. He is familiar with many time-honored theories concerning the fundamental questions of philosophy, including epistemology, metaphysics, ontology, and axiology. He is knowledgeable about the historical development of many philosophical ideas, such as theosophy, dialectics, reductionism, and holism.

It is a philosophical perspective on the world, the cosmos, and society. It functions by posing very fundamental queries about the nature of universe, the nature of human thought, and the relationships between them. Philosophical concepts are frequently broad and abstract. Even though Western philosophy has had a significant influence on Pakistani philosophy, it nevertheless strongly reflects the legacy of Muslim thought. There are adherents of all the main schools of modern western philosophy in Pakistan, as well as a sizeable contingent of Pakistani philosophers who lean toward more traditional, metaphysical perspectives.

Allama Muhammad Iqbal, Malik Meraj Khalid, Alaudin Akhtar, JIntasar ul Haq, Waheed Ali Farooqi, Shahid Hossain, Shehzad Qaiser, Manzoor Ahmed, Ghazala Irfan, and Javed Ahmed are some of the philosophers from Pakistan.

Scope of philosophy

Graduates of this field have a solid understanding of subjects such English, literature, politics, math, and the law.

They can therefore adapt to jobs in business, law, journalism, and public administration. For their creativity, the banking, finance, accounting, and marketing industries also employ philosophers.

How to become a philosopher

You can go for a bachelor’s degree after FA. / F.Sc, Students can complete a typical bachelor’s degree in philosophy in four years. The total number of hours and the particular classes that each university requires its students to take vary slightly. Students can opt for master and PhD programs as well to grow in the field

University offering philosophy in Pakistan

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Required skills for philosophy

  • curious nature
  • imagination
  • flexibility
  • Speaking and writing clearly and persuasively
  • team working 
  • critical thinking

Job Prospects & Career Options

  • Paralegal
  • Recruitment Consultant
  • Social Worker
  • Editorial Assistant
  • Writer or author
  • Lecturer
  • Civil Services


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