Counselling Training

Career counseling training is a full-day activity involving a blend of theoretical concepts and practical applications of career counseling techniques in order to develop Career Counseling skills ad provide professionals with the basic knowledge of career counseling to ensure appropriate guidance for the student for it is a decision that has lifelong impacts.

With this program Eduvision aims:

  • To train and equip individuals with the knowledge and global practices of career
  • counseling technique.
  • To provide the requisite information to aid counselor in developing students' career
  • path.
  • To provide counseling tools and techniques.
  • To provide institutions with a pool of trained counsellors

Career Counseling Training Workshop Module

  • Introduction to counselling
  • Status and requirement of Higher education in Pakistan
  • Personality and behaviour patterns
  • Counselling tools, techniques and ethics
  • Assessment of students aptitude
  • Job hunting science

Who can participate?

  • Aspiring counsellors
  • Teachers
  • Hr professionals
  • Individuals keen on learning about counselling


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