Counselling Cells in Schools and Colleges

The establishing of a counseling Cell within institutes is an answer to the majority of career crisis that students face in their life. Eduvision’s vision is to make this possible in every institute in Pakistan.

objective of the Counseling Cells

  • The counseling cells will assist the students in selection of an appropriate career pathand  will address all kinds of educational, psychological, personal and career relatedissues of the students.
  • In addition to this, these cells will also provide timely information to the studentsabout the career choices they might have, how to enter into a particular field,admission updates, and finally these will help the student with the applicationprocess.

How to set up Career Counseling Cell in Colleges and Schools

  • Two teachers from a school will be selected and will be provided complete trainingof career counseling by Eduvision team.
  • The teachers will then serve as career counselors and will run day to day affairs ofthe counseling cell. The counselors will not be necessarily required to give upteaching.
  • Record will be maintained for each student mentioning their fundamental personalinformation and academic record along with any other significant information whichmight affect their education in any way.
  • Regular meeting will be set up between the counselors and the students to keenlymonitor their issues.
  • The entire teaching staff will also be provided the basic career counseling training bythe already trained counselors.


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