Aerospace Engineering | Job Market

Aerospace Engineering is the study and development of aircraft and space crafts. It is a combination of machines that fly in Air (Aeronautical Engineering) and machinery that can move outside the earth’s atmosphere (Astronautical Engineering). Very few universities offer this program in Pakistan and the number of companies that hire aerospace engineers is also very limited. This has increased the demand for aerospace engineers in Pakistan. Job market for aerospace engineering graduates can be found below.

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Aerospace engineers are employed by:

  • Aircraft and aircraft component manufacturing companies
  • Airline operators and commercial airlines
  • The armed forces, including the Army, the Navy, and the Air Force
  • Government departments such as the Ministry of Defence (mod), Pakistan Aeronautical Complex, and Space research associations
  • The further and higher education sectors
  • Regulators such as the Pakistan Civil Aviation

Major job titles in the market for aeronautical engineering professionals are:


  • Aerospace Engineers
  • Aerodynamic engineers
  • Aircraft design engineers
  • Aircraft designers
  • Aircraft engineers
  • Aeronautical engineers
  • Flight systems test engineers
  • Flight test engineers
  • Rocket engineers
  • Wind tunnel engineers

Only a few universities in Pakistan are offering BSc in Aeronautical Engineering / Aerospace Engineering. Click here to see the list