Actuarial Science | Job Market

Actuarial Scientists calculate insurance risks and premiums. An actuary’s job is to determine the financial consequences of an unforeseen event. Actuarial science has quite a broad job market within and outside Pakistan and with proper qualification and required skills, one can compete very well in the market. Find job market for actuarial science below and major companies that hire actuaries.


Actuarial science graduates may get a job both in public and private sector organizations like

  • Bank
  • Insurance companies of different kinds like health, car, life, business, and general insurance firms.
  • Financial departments
  • Pension departments
  • Brokerage homes
  • Consulting firms
  • Social security departments
  • Post office
  • Mobile phone insurance companies

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Actuarial science experts work in corporate sector with following job titles. If you are a graduate in actuarial science, look for related job announcements.

  • Actuarial analyst
  • Junior actuary
  • Managerial actuary
  • Data analyst
  • Actuarial trainee

List of universities offering BS in actuarial science

This is an overview of the job market for actuarial science graduates; you can read more about how to start a career in actuarial science, its requirements, nature of work, qualities required to excel, and universities offering the program in the Career Library section.