4 Reasons why students fail to get a job

A large part of today’s educated youth is worried about jobs and employment. If you compare to earlier times, we have better education, more accessible resources and better opportunities available in both private and public sectors for students in present times. But still, when facing the job market, graduates find it difficult to land a job despite having good marks. And if they do get one, adjusting to it is even more difficult. Workplaces complain of students not having the basic skills of communication, working on presentations and preparing documents.  Why is that so?  It is these 4 reasons that contribute majorly to the situations our youth faces today:

Changed family tradition

An overall trend that families and homes follow nowadays and is increasingly becoming popular, is letting children be. For the sake of confidence and freedom, family member and parents don’t push children towards learning everyday skills and fending for themselves. They do not instil a sense of responsibility towards school, education and society. Shaping the child’s behaviour towards responsibility and learning is an act that is decreasing in the family culture. For this reason, when they have to deal with the outside world and workplace, it is hard for them to embrace the challenges they face

Faculty Approach

Here we are basically talking about the approach of teachers. It is the role of teachers to provide students with the quality of learning and education that will come in handy later on and to professionally groom their students. Unfortunately, this is not being followed in our system. Students do not master a lot of basic skills such as communication, making presentations and simple computer tasks such as creating an excel sheet, neither at the school level nor during higher education. Students who graduate possess bookish knowledge but not the practical information that the jobs require. Once teachers take on themselves the responsibility of grooming students and feel a failure for themselves when students fail, this system will change for the better.

Lack of information

Whether it is information about career selection, institution selection or job hunting, students are lacking in a lot of criteria. Whether they are in the right field for them or if they have chosen the right institute for it even. Many graduate without having knowledge of how to pursue jobs or apply in what specific positions. They are unaware of the options they have. Throughout the process of education and job searching, students lack the information needed. Unfortunately, there are not enough platforms in our country to give it to them either

Lack of planning

The last reason is the sheer lack of planning of goals and career that is in our youth. Neither parents instil it in them nor their educational institutes. Many students are just going with the flow wherever things take them and when asked are unclear of what their plan is for the future. This is an area that students, parents and teachers should work upon. Counselling should be made available for each student and counselling professionals should extend their reach to institutes to raise awareness about the importance of planning.


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