Counseling Resources

Eduvision aspires to have each institution and teacher in Pakistan on board towards its vision of educational guidance and counselling for students. For the ease of professionals and institutions, eduvision has designed programs on different days and activities that can be used by institutions as it is to promote education, growth and development of our students into responsible, self-aware and enlightened adults.

  • Counselling Kit

A simple, ready to use kit for counsellors to use in their institute or setup. Includes all necessary information and assessments that are needed by a counsellor.

  • Counselor Handbook

A comprehensive handbook for counsellors in training,  school counsellor, and professional counsellors on significant contemporary topics affecting the discipline.

The book’s design is both conceptual and practical, reflecting modern trends and challenges and providing an up-to-date discussion of the importance of intercultural awareness and skills.

  • National Days
  • Career Day

If the goal of education is to prepare students for the future, then nothing brings this reality home more than hosting a career day at your school. Find here the ideas and activities that you can use to organize a career day at your institute