Counselling Session
(FTF / Online)

Counselling Session (FTF / Online)

A career counsellor will assist a person in exploring talents and strengths, considering education levels and gives guidelines on continuing education, as well as determining interests and personality type during a career counselling session. An IQ test or an aptitude exam may also be administered by counsellors. It’s intended to help you choose, change, or leave a career.

What Can I Expect in a Session from a counsellor:

  • Give you objective and professional advice on your thoughts, feelings and concerns about your career and education
  • Help you organise your thoughts and potential career choices
  • Assess your interests, abilities and values
  • Guide you to resources and sources on career information
  • Help you develop a plan and goals for your career
  • Not dictate what you have to do
  • Not give you a professional work endorsement/reference

Eduvision Career Counseling Session can help you in

  • Career Selection

Career selection is a crucial step in a student’s life. It has an impact on a variety of decisions he or she makes dependent on their career choices. The career one decides to follow affects the choice of the subject, university, institution, organisation, and job profile. Let us help you choose the right one for you!

  • Institution Selection

Have a career in mind but are not sure which institute to choose for admission? Get complete information on institutions based on your preference, accessibility and best for your chosen program

  • Admission Planning

The process of admission can be a confusing and tiring one. Here we can guide you through the process, from registration to the first day of classes, and help you stay clear of the common mistakes that students make while planning for admission

  • CSS Aspirants Counselling

This special category was made considering the demand of students wanting guidance for CSS. Students who aspire to attempt the CSS exams are assessed and guided through the application process, subject selection and tackling the subjects for the exam.

  • Interview Preparation Counselling

Preparing for an interview might seem intimidating, but there are several steps you can take to prepare yourself for a successful interview. The counsellor discuss a range of pre-interview preparations to give you the best shot at getting that job.

  • For general Issues (social /psychological/familial)

Every individual goes through various problematic situations in life that he may need a supporting ear or a helping hand for. Feel free to get expert guidance and advice on any reservations or issues that you face.