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  • Economics


    Introduction The social science of economics is concerned with the production, delivery, and use of goods and services. Economics is concerned with the behaviour and relationships of economic agents as well as the functioning of markets. Economists study and analyse why individuals and businesses invest their money and energy. Economists typically specialise in one or…

  • Auditing


    Introduction Auditing, as one of the most common accounting career paths, plays an important role in any organisation, whether it is public or private. An auditor is a cross between a detective and an accountant. Auditors enjoy accounting work that includes some investigative work. They are in charge of examining a company’s financial statements for…

  • Actuarial Science

    Actuarial Science

    Introduction You have probably heard or read of companies that support policyholders in the event of an injury, hospitalisation, domestic hazards, robberies, or death and still others who look after investment schemes, employee benefits, retirement benefits and pension schemes. The policy holders are required to pay a fixed amount as instalments at regular intervals and…