Category: Computer and IT

  • Artificial Intelligence

    Artificial Intelligence

    Introduction Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science aimed at developing intelligent computer machines. It is the study of using a computer for non-numerical problem solving. The goal of this cutting-edge technology is to convert human resources into computer power. AI creates wireless machines, automatic machines, and robotic machines that can think, behave, and experience in the same way…

  • Computer Engineering

    Computer Engineering

    Introduction Computer Engineering is a branch of Electrical Engineering concerned with designing and development of computers and computer based system. Computer engineering is a growing field of study. It focuses on the design, execution, verification, and analysis of both hardware and software-based computing systems. Because Computer Science and Electrical Engineering programmes are partly overlapped in…

  • Animation and Graphics

    Animation and Graphics

    Introduction Most of us are aware of Tom and Jerry, Mickey Mouse, or Mottu Patlu, some animated characters that have entertained and delighted us. Do you know how these characters were born and how it is possible to create wonders with the art of drawing? The answer to this is ‘animation,’ which is one of the…