Aeronautical Engineering | Job Market

After completing their aeronautical engineering undergraduate degree, graduates typically go on to a wide range of roles: from working in the aerospace industry to taking on roles in other branches of engineering or continuing their education in the form of a master’s or a Ph.D. The job market for aeronautical engineering graduates is vast and challenging along with multiple opportunities for growth and advancement.

talking about the job market for aeronautical engineering graduates, the following companies in Pakistan can not be looked over.

Below are the top companies that hire aeronautical engineers:

  • Pakistan Air Force
  • Pakistan Aeronautical Complex Kamra
  • Missile manufacturing companies
  • Pakistan International Airlines
  • Flying Clubs and organizations
  • Pakistan Army Aviation
  • Engineering universities
  • Private airlines companies in Pakistan
  • Private airline companies outside of Pakistan
  • Space Research Centers
  • Helicopter manufacturing companies

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Below are some options available to you with an aeronautical degree. 

  • Aerodynamics engineer 
  • Design engineer 
  • Aeronautical engineer 
  • Engineering consultant 
  • Electrical engineer 
  • Procurement officers 
  • CNC programmers for the aerospace industry 
  • CAD technician 

Only a few universities in Pakistan are offering BSc Aeronautical Engineering / Aerospace Engineering